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When players access mobile casinos, they will often see that the games are offered in a flash version. This is the most popular format in most mobile casinos, but there is now a new option that is becoming available and many of the top rated mobile casino sites are making the switch to offering HTML5 games and services. This new technology will be sure to bring players a more secure gambling environment as well as easier to play games. Many of the top developers in the industry, including Microgaming, have been working on the creation of HTML5 games that will be offered in many mobile casino sites. The new format will soon take over the flash format, allowing players more excitement and better service when they access their favourite top casino site using a mobile device.

For players who are using an Android device, HTML5 will offer an easier interface and better site navigation. The transition from flash to HTML5 is guaranteed to be smooth and many players may never even notice the difference when they play mobile games on their device. This new technology will offer a very secure gambling option, meaning that all players will be enjoying a 100% safe casino experience when using HTML5.

Apple and many other top companies are already using this technology, but some other companies are a little slower with the development of HTML5 games and services. However, there are more than 20 HTML5 games that have been launched by Microgaming in the past months, allowing players to begin experiencing a better gambling outing and excellent games.

When a mobile casino offers HTML5 games, there will be no casino software download required. Like the flash games, these games and services will be access through the web browser on the mobile device, offering instant connections. While this technology is primarily being offered in iPad and iPhone casinos, there are some Android sites that have already made the conversion. Over the coming months, it is expected that the vast majority of mobile casino sites will adopt this technology and players will enjoy the heightened security and ease of use. These casinos will continue to offer the most popular games, allowing players all around the world to play top rated slots and table games anywhere, at any time.